The devoted dog was waiting for the owner at the hospital bed, not realizing that he was no longer alive

The devotion of dogs has been well known for a long time, and there is no need for additional confirmation of this fact. And all the same, four-legged friends constantly surprise us with their fanatical loyalty, which wins the hearts of people.

A dog named Moose, three years old, sad sitting near an empty hospital bed. The dog is waiting for its owner to return. But he died…

This Moose Labrador is a half-breed. He is distinguished by the fact that he loves indiscriminately everyone. However, now his heart is broken. The owner of the dog died. And the pain of this loss cannot be borne by a dog alone. Moose more than ever needs a family that would love him, would help him to bear this grief.

Users of the social network were shocked by both this story and this photo.

Here are some statements of those who saw the photo. One user writes that dogs are such animals that will love the owner until the last breath. Another reports that he had tears from just one picture of the dog. The third one asks to take care of the faithful dog Moose…

Thank God, the dog is already attached to good people. And after a while, we hope, he will recover from the excessive grief.

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