The crying cat ran after the car, and the kitten could barely keep up with it

I wonder if you could go live somewhere else and leave your pets behind? Just turn around, go ahead, leave them behind as if they were unnecessary things?

Such a terrible fate befell the two kitties, mother, and daughter. When their owners moved into their new flat, they abandoned the animals. The cats used to be part of the family. They were, as every cat should be, the guardian of the peace and harmony of the house.

Anyone would have been heartbroken to see a lorry loaded with goods driving down the road, with a cat running behind it and a little kitten just barely keeping up with her. Then the truck picked up speed and disappeared from view. The poor creatures were left to sit on the cold concrete.

Fortunately, there are caring people in the world. They took in a furry mother and daughter. The cat’s daughter has grown up and now she needs to find a home. The little cat has grown into an incredible beauty.

The kitty is now seven months old. She is a very kind and well-behaved girl. She is friendly, cheerful, and playful. Kitty is used to the litter box. She has been sterilized.

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