The cat was brought to the hospital alone, but a day later there were six animals in the carrier

When the fluffy stray cat was taken to the clinic, no one knew that the baby had prepared a surprise for the volunteers…

On the day when the cat was brought in a carrier, veterinarians busy with how to help the baby. They didn’t pay attention to an interesting detail. At the time of arrival at the clinic, the cat was pregnant! When the staff looked into the carrier, newborn kittens were already lying there! The cat had quietly given birth to them, and now she was feeding and licking the tiny babies.

Of course, the doctors did not expect such a surprise. That’s why they decided to contact the volunteers who work at Itty Bitty Kitty, so that they would take the furry family to themselves.

Fortunately, the staff of the organization agreed. And soon mom and the kittens got into overexposure. The cat, who was named Tulip, felt happy. After all, she was safe now. The four-legged mother showed friendliness towards the family who took her into their home. She calmly allowed the kittens to be taken. And Natalie, the “foster mom”, could take care of them to make life a little easier for the kitty. The kids had water and complementary foods all the time if they didn’t have enough milk.

When the kittens grew up a little, mom began to teach them to eat cat food and behave like cats. At the same time, she still did not forget to caress each kitten and warm them with her warmth.

Soon the kids grew up, and they were offered as pets. People liked the crumbs so much that four of them instantly found their home! Now only the mother cat and the last kitten remain on overexposure and are waiting for their owners.

Volunteers say that Tulip is a very caring and affectionate kitty, so she will bring only joy and happiness to the owners. She loves the company of people very much and is always ready to cuddle with them!

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