The cat, soaked in the rain, came to the office door out of desperation

An office worker heard a desperate cat meow, and she looked out to see who was crying. She saw a drenched cat at the office door, asking to be let inside.

On a rainy March day, an American woman named Kay was working in her office when suddenly she heard a cat meowing. She looked out and saw a drenched cat at the office door, begging to be let in.

It was cold and raining outside, so Kay decided to help the fluffy baby. That day she warmed it up, fed it, and took it home with her. She immediately noticed that the cat was very thin, shabby and dirty – apparently it had lived on the street for a long time.

Kay and her roommate took care of the kitty, and it was grateful. It immediately started rubbing against their legs and showing them how happy it was to be rescued. The women planned to find a home for the cat the next day, but the cat had plans of its own.

The cat became very attached to the neighbor of its rescuer, Lauren. The woman loved the cat in return. One day, while the women were talking about where to put it, the cat settled on Lauren’s lap and purred loudly. The cat melted her heart…

Then Lauren decided she couldn’t give this handsome boy to anyone else. She took it into her home and gave it the nickname Chuck. That’s how the little fluffy one from the street got a home!

Chuck bravely survived the surgery and is now learning to live on three paws. All this time the broken paw was causing the cat pain, so now the animal is feeling much better.

Chuck is full of love and energy – it runs, plays and fools around like a regular cat. Thanks to the kind woman who once rescued this cat from the streets!

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