The cat made friends with a mouse and forced the owner to accept it.

Simon the cat is a new celebrity on Instagram, whose popularity is gaining momentum. Our extremely kind and affectionate mustachioed hero lives in the city of Punta Arenas, in Chile. And with his behavior, Simon really disappoint his owner Benjamin Sagredo, who specially took the cat to catch mice, but he decided to make friends with them and invite them home.

Simon was raised by two German Shepherds and it was they who instilled in him a direct and good-natured disposition. Once the owner heard an unusual noise coming from the kitchen, but at first he did not pay any attention to it. He thought that, judging by the sound, someone is scratching. But he thought that if it’s a mouse, then it’s okay, because he has Simon.

But one evening, passing by the kitchen door, he saw a scene that shocked him. Instead of doing with the rodent what the cat is supposed to do for its intended purpose, the cat carefully looked at it. Moreover, the mouse right in front of his muzzle drank water directly from his bowl. Apparently, this was not the first time, and the mouse understood that this cat had a strange “factory defect”.

Benjamin said that later he repeatedly saw the mouse and his cat, who communicated quite nicely. He even gave her the nickname Chefsito and is ready, if necessary, to accept her so as not to upset his beloved cat.

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