The cat has spent half her life in a cage with a dog, and now she thanks her rescuers every day

This kitty named Libby was very unlucky in the first years of her life. She fell into the hands of a mentally ill woman who locked her in a cramped cage with a dog. So the two poor animals spent year after year, never even going out for a walk!!!

The unfortunate, sick and very exhausted pets were accidentally seen by a social services employee and reported to the Animal Welfare Society. The cat and dog were immediately taken from the owner and taken to a veterinary clinic.

There they had to treat neglected skin diseases and fatten emaciated animals. A week later, Libby recovered a little and was waiting to be sent to a shelter.

Then a woman named Patty appeared on her life path. She, having heard the terrible story of this kitty’s life, decided to take her to her house, give her freedom and love.

Now Libby lives in a large spacious house. She adores her savior and her husband Robert.And in every case, she thanks them for her happiness — with gentle kisses! For this, she received the name Libby (In Love).

And also, she loves to play and run, because for the first part of her life she couldn’t even walk normally.

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