The camera captured the moment when the dog comforted its crying sister with its beautiful toy

Nick Elliot for the first time in his life became a father. The family also had a dog who was waiting for the mother and its cistern to come back home.

The couple did not know how Tommy would react to their small new member.

But all their worries were in vain.

The dog was very happy to meet the baby.

Nick told that Tommy was always very kind with kids.

Also, he was very caring to all of them.

And Tommy liked Macie from the very first moment of their meeting. He sat next to the baby for several hours without interrupting her. He liked examining the baby.

Then he took the responsibility of protecting the baby from everything and everyone.

And when she cried he hurried to see what was wrong.

And recently something amazing happened.

The camera captured how kindly the animal looked after the baby in the absence of their parents.

In the video, you will see how Tommy brought her favorite toy to calm her.

The parents started to cry when they saw this.

And they hope that they will become best friends when Macie becomes older.

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