The bus station has set up a shelter for homeless pets. They can spend the night there in comfortable “beds”.

This story is just wonderful and will definitely take its place in your heart. Workers at the bus station in Curitiba, Brazil have given shelter to stray dogs to protect them from the cold.

Not only did they let the three dogs inside, they even made their original beds out of car tires covered with warm blankets. The namess of the pets are Pitoko, Max, and Zoinho. Public figure Fabiana Rosa saw this and made a post on her Facebook page.

The post instantly went viral and spread all over the web, gaining a huge number of likes, comments and reposts.

And we hope that such acts of good, proving that people still have kindness and compassion, will become good examples for many others.

A touching story, isn’t it? How do residents of your city feel about homeless pets? Are they indifferent, cruel, or, on the contrary, are they trying to take care of them to the best of their ability?

Write about it in the comments and share this post so that as many people as possible can take an example and also do good for those who need it.

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