The blind cat mother wandered with its three kittens in search of a new home

A rescue group was contacted regarding a group of four cats in need of a foster home. A stray kitty was discovered meandering outside the home of an elderly couple.

Two of the kittens were not feeling well. To deal with them, the feline mother tried everything.

As the mother’s eye improved, they discovered that she lacked normal eye tissue and was completely blind. Mother kitty was fiercely protective of her kittens.

In the shelter with comfortable beds, and clinical attention, the cats regained their appetites and began to gain weight.

Mother feline kept a close eye on the cats whenever they were removed from her area to be examined.

Mother kitty constantly seeks love from them.

She’ll lean in for head scratches or flop her the shelter workers to indicate that her stomach needs to be petted. Mom kitty and her precious kittens are thriving in the shelter.

The little kittens, who are now about a month old, have accomplished a few things and are developing personalities. She will never have to worry about food or shelter again, and she will receive the best care for her eyes and a permanent place to live that she deserves.

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