The amazing transformation of a shabby feral cat

Everyone shunned the skinny, sickly cat wandering the streets. But a kind-hearted Malaysian woman decided to help the animal – and changed its life forever.

Noor Hamiza Khad is a 30-year-old resident of Kuching. She loves animals and is always helping them.

One day she saw a skinny cat in the backyard, struggling to survive on its own. A quick glance was enough to see that the poor thing was not coping on its own.

The woman named the cat Meimei and began to take care of it. She visited the vet five times to prescribe therapy. Not only was Meimei very emaciated, but the cat was also attacked by various infections.

Thanks to Noor’s proper treatment and patience, the cat has started to feel better. It weighed only 2 kilos when Noor found it. The cat was about 2 years old at the time, how it managed to last so long without help is a real mystery. Meimei is just a fighter who doesn’t put the paws down.

It took Meimei about six months to make a full recovery. Look at it today!

After treatment, the cat was visibly transformed.

There is no trace of the sickly and weak kitty: it’s nice and tidy, its fur is shiny and its tummy is always full of food.

Meimei lives with its saviour, thanking her every day with its love and devotion.

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