Stray Puppy Leads Rescuers To His Sibling In Abandoned Building

Is there anything better than helping someone in need who can’t help themselves? It is one of the noblest things we can do.

The folks at Northeast Animal Rescue in China have dedicated their lives to just that, working as volunteers in under-served areas.

Strays in these places grow up in streets full of trash marked with abandoned factories. Because China has no national program for strays or shelters, it’s up to volunteers and local groups to fill in the gaps and give these animals a chance.

In a video of a rescue shared by Northeast Animal Rescue on Facebook, a stray puppy approaches rescuers and barks, eager for help.

But instead of jumping into the waiting arms of a rescuer, the pup (later named Rocky) follows their example — they don’t know it yet, but he’s doing his best to help someone in need, too.

The group follows the insistent pup as he climbs up several sets of stairs (no easy feat for a puppy only a few months old at most!), puzzled by his behavior.

He’s not running away, yet he is insistently leading the rescuers towards a dilapidated building a short distance away.

There, they find out why — he’s got a brother!

The blond pup, later named Buddy, was found in a corner, probably too scared or possibly hurt. Fortunately, Rocky was looking out for his family.

Both were rescued that day, and given all the love they needed, plus a bath and some milk!

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