Strange creature: Harpy eagle is so big it looks like a man in a suit

Several photos of the harpy eagle have recently surfaced on social media, with many wondering if it’s really a bird, a man in a costume or a strange creature from a sci-fi movie. Honestly, if you look at the photos, it could be anything. In reality, however, it’s just a bird. Well, in reality, it’s the biggest bird on Earth. It’s a harpy eagle.
Despite its internet fame, however, this species is on the endangered species list. The harpy eagle is a wild predator at the top of the food chain. However, due to human influence, especially deforestation, its population has drastically decreased.Native to the rainforests of Central and South America, there are now fewer than 50 000 individuals left in the wild, most of which live in the Brazilian rainforest. There it was given a name that reflects its status – the Royal Falcon.
The harpyja is a neotropical desert species. It is also called the American harpy to distinguish it from the Papuan harpy, which is sometimes called the New Guinean harpy or Papuan harpy.



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