Shy kittens squeaked in a hole under a concrete sidewalk

Passers-by noticed a cat family that lived in a hole under the concrete sidewalk by the road. This place was not safe for little kittens, so people immediately contacted the rescue team.

Residents of the American town of Elkhart told local rescuers about a cat family that lived in a hole under a concrete sidewalk. This area was dangerous for small kittens, so the volunteers urgently went to the place to save the family. When they arrived, the task proved to be no easy one…

The hole under the pavement was narrow, so the volunteers had to dig it out and crawl right into the hole. They spent a couple of hours trying to get the kittens safely. As a result, the operation was a success – they got the cat mother and six babies and transported them to a safe place.

Mom-cat, meanwhile, was sterilized and vaccinated, and also sent to a place of temporary care. Soon, loving owners will be found for her – as well as for her babies, when they recover sufficiently and grow up. Thanks to the kind people for saving this lovely family!
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