She went to the market and bought the most ordinary cat, but he grew up far from so ordinary

The girl went to the market to buy a cat and got the cutest and most adorable-looking little kitten. But after a while, he became quite unusual.

Masha named her pet Barsik and he grew up quite a standard cat, naughty, inquisitive, affectionate and with an excellent appetite. He was very healthy and the only thing that distinguished him was that he loved to sleep very much, but cats in general love this business, so Maria did not see anything special in this.

But then she began to notice that Barsik was growing too fast, much faster than other cats. When he was one year old, the length of his body reached as much as one and a half meters, and he weighed 15 kilos, which was clearly too much for a cat.

Then Maga took him to the veterinarian for an examination, who concluded that Barsik was most likely a cross between a Maine Coon and a wild cat, but how it happened and what its exact origin no one can know.

Maria is forced to buy a lot of food for her pet, because its size is very impressive, but this does not bother the girl who loves her biggest and most wonderful cat.

The sounds that he makes at night and which sound like a wolf’s howl make her more annoying. Would you take the risk of becoming the owner of such a big cat? Have you ever encountered them?

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