School staff heard a pitiful cat squeak in the classroom

The staff at a school in North Carolina, North America, heard a strange squeak coming from the ceiling. It was a pitying meow, and it wouldn’t stop.

Not long ago, staff at a school in Northern California, USA, heard strange noises coming from the ceiling in one of their classrooms. They immediately realized it was coming from a ventilation duct – and on careful listening, they knew it was a cat’s squeak. Everyone in the classroom immediately decided to rescue the poor creatures who were stuck in the pipe.

“When we heard the sounds, we immediately checked the ventilation hole and saw a couple of kittens outside. We started to think about getting them out of the pipe and asked our mechanics for help,” says one of the teachers. The same day they found the mother cat on the school grounds and decided to reunite the family as soon as possible.

With the help of mechanics, they managed to get three tiny kittens out of the pipe. However, some time after the rescue, the staff continued to hear meowing. They climbed up there themselves and pulled out two more kittens. Finally, all the little ones were collected.

The babies were very hungry and squeaked loudly. The staff fed and gave water to the babies and reunited them with their mum the next day. The feline family was reported to local shelters – and they will soon find a home for them.

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