Puffy is the most cute puppy on the Internet! It was simply impossible not to fall in love with this fluffy ball…

No one could pass by this fluffy miracle!

Puffy can be called the cutest and sweet puppy – without exaggeration!

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His breed is chow chow.

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The baby was born in China in February of this year, and later moved to Malaysia to his new owner…

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Puffy has become a long-awaited gift for a girl on her coming of age!

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The owner immediately fell in love with this wonderful ball of wool…

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And I even decided to start his own social media page for him.

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More than 225 thousand people have subscribed to his Instagram profile!

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Puffy instantly won the love of his followers! And we are not even surprised by this…

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The kid was distinguished by an unusual character – he was good-natured, shy, and a little lazy.)

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It’s a pity, but a terrible thing happened in September – the poor thing was gone…  No one is immune from the inevitabilities of life.

Let him live quite a bit, but Puffy learned what real dog happiness is!

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Take care of your pets!

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