Pregnant panda made an unexpected gift to the zoo

Three years ago, a miracle happened at the Atlanta Zoo (USA). A 15-year-old big panda named Lun-Lun was going to give birth to a long-awaited baby, and a video camera was supposed to capture this solemn moment.

And so it happened, and Lun-Lun immediately began to lick the cub. But just two minutes later, quite unexpectedly for zoo workers, the panda gave birth to another baby. No one knew before that she was pregnant with twins, because only one fetus was visible on the ultrasound.

Such cases are quite rare: twin girls Mei-Lung and Mei-Huan became the first big pandas in the USA in 2013 and the first twin pandas since 1987.

There are no more than 2,000 pandas left in the world living in their natural habitat, and scientists are putting a lot of effort into stopping their extinction. Therefore, every panda born in captivity is a big step toward helping this species survive.

Look how funny they are!

In 2013, panda Lun-Lun gave birth to a tiny, pink, and naked cub…

… and two minutes later, the second one appeared!

Babies are 1 week old

The eyes and ears began to darken

And they turned 1 month old
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