Pregnant cat looked with hope at passers-by

People noticed a cat with a big rounded belly on a cold street, and could not pass by this charming future mother. The cat was incredibly grateful to people for giving her and her babies a new life.


This stray cat has lived on the streets of Oregon, USA, for most of its life. She gave birth to kittens several times, but not so long ago she was picked up during the cold weather. The cat had a big rounded belly, and people carefully brought her to the Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals shelter.

The shelter staff took care of the cat, which was covered with fleas and very hungry, and gave her the nickname Celeste. Within a few days, the cat gave birth to eight healthy kittens. She felt safe and warm for the first time in a long time and as if she knew that she would not be offended here.

The cat and kittens were immediately sent to the place of temporary care to a volunteer, who gladly accepted the feline family. At first, Mom was afraid of the new environment, but she got used to it pretty quickly. She was happy with motherhood – and the fact that her kittens are growing up in good conditions.

Being a mom of eight kittens is not an easy thing, but Celeste is doing a great job. She is a very sensitive, attentive, and caring mom, and her kittens are always under supervision. Her babies grew up healthy and active, and after a while began to actively crawl and play.

Celeste always watched them, and when they grew up, she taught them all the important cat things. Later, the kittens became more independent, and Celeste had time “for herself” – she was able to relax and purr more often on her guardian’s lap.

When the time came, they found permanent homes for the kittens and Celeste. Now they are happy and surrounded by care, and live next to loving people. Thanks for saving this feline family!

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