Pitbull, rescued from the streets, spends its nights hugging its brothers and sisters

This pit bull’s name is Moki. It’s two years old. Its new owners saved him from the streets.

Its previous owner got into a difficult situation and found himself on the street.

He no longer had the opportunity to take care of a pet, and Moki became a stray dog.

But the pitbull was lucky – in the San Francisco City Shelter, where it was taken after being caught, the dog was spotted by 44-year-old Christy Gamaio.

Christy has two guinea pigs, Frida and Pandora. Bringing Moki home, the woman was a little worried about how the dog would react to them.

She didn’t want her new pet to scare or, worse, bite her guinea pigs. But her fears were in vain – from the first minute, all three liked each other.

A new member of the family first sniffed guinea pigs through the bars of the cage, then became acquainted with them while Christy kept the animals on her lap.

For several months, the owner would sit the guinea pigs on the couch and let Moki nuzzle their soft fur.

When the woman realized there was nothing to be afraid of, she unleashed the rodents on the floor and half an hour later found Frida and Pandora resting in Moki’s arms.

Since then, the rescued pit bull and its two new friends have been inseparable.

They doze together, sitting on Moki’s bedding, and at night it carefully licks their fur.

Christy said she didn’t feel a connection to any of the dogs at the shelter until she saw Moki.

Pitbull didn’t bark or growl. It looked really sad, and Christy wanted to drive her home right away.

After learning that Christy’s house was inhabited by guinea pigs, the staff of the shelter began to dissuade her from the dog.

They were afraid that Moki could harm the rodents and even kill them.

But Christy decided to take a risk. It was worth it!

“They’re such a good team, and they look so cute together,” says Christy. “They’re perfect for each other”.

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