People from the shore spotted a whale entangled in buoys

Vacationers on a beach in Australia noticed a whale from the shore, which was stuck among the buoys and floundered restlessly in the water. The animal needed urgent human help.

On Sunday, June 6, residents of a suburb of Sydney in Australia noticed a strange phenomenon on Coogee Beach. In the ocean, someone was floundering among the buoys. One of the observers saw that a whale was swimming restlessly in the water, which was entangled in the ropes from the buoys.

People immediately contacted rescuers from Marine Area Command, who went to rescue the troubled whale. The police were also informed. The team reached the whale by boat – they got there just in time.

“In a complex operation, rescuers managed to get close enough to the mammal to cut the ropes attached to the buoys and free the whale,” said a New South Wales Police spokesman.

So the whale was free. Now it, like other whales, continues to be monitored by the Cetacean Rescue and Research Organization in Australia – to prevent such cases.

Australia’s Coogee Beach is a popular whale-watching spot, where marine life is often spotted. Humpback whales normally come to the east coast of Australia during their migration between May and November.

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