One day the deer entered the store, and then it also brought its children

The deer, who was a customer of the shop, wanted to get something.

Many people do shopping during holidays. And this animal was not an exception too.

Lori Jones is working in the shop and sells gifts. She had so many customers during the years but this one was a special one.

Joe was inside the shop when a deer entered. It seemed that the animal was looking for something to buy.
That was a funny moment.

Joe already knew the animal as it was living near the area. But that was the first time the deer entered the shop.

Joe thought that the animal lost its way and wanted to somehow help her.

And managed to help her. But after some time the deer returned back but this time she was not alone. She brought her babies with her.

The babies waited outside.

No one knew that was interesting for the animal that attracted them to enter the shop but Joe was somehow afraid as they are wild animals.

Joe managed to take them into the field with the help of a peanut bar.

So, there are so many wild animals and they always amaze us.

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