Near the blocked tunnel, rescuers were chasing the dog away. But soon they realized who it was waiting for

This story took place in India. A dog was constantly sitting at the blocked entrance to the tunnel. Rescuers were forced to drive it away all the time so that it would not interfere with their operation. But when they found out the reason for its behavior, they felt ashamed.

In a small city in India, called Tapovan, the construction site of the city’s hydroelectric power plant was located, where the mongrel Blackie was born. As a puppy, it stuck to a work crew that was building a tunnel for a new road.

The puppy was loved by all the builders. It stayed with them all day, leaving only for the night in the valley.

For two years they enjoyed each other’s company. Blackie has long been considered one of their own, not only by builders but also by the local population, who watched every morning as the dog went to the construction site after spending the night.

But on February 12, a tragedy occurred. From the flood that occurred, the entrance to the tunnel collapsed, in which all 34 workers were located.

Since the collapse happened at night, the dog was not nearby. And when it came to the site in the morning, it saw, instead of its friends, a team of rescuers setting up equipment.

Спасатели пытались прогнать пса, который приходил к тоннелю. Его оставили в покое, когда поняли, кого он ждёт

The dog was either ignored or chased away. So it was until one of the locals noticed it, who came to help.

In this turmoil, Blackie recognized a man named Ajit Kumar and constantly followed him, because it did not understand what had happened.

One of the construction site workers, named Rajiner Kumar, was absent from his workplace during the tunnel blockage. Returning to the scene of the accident, he took food for Blackie and grabbed things to build it a sleeping place.

Five days have passed since the tragedy, and the dog does not leave its post. It is waiting for its friends to be rescued. Rescuers no longer chase the dog away, but the locals feed it.

Now India has its own Hachiko. No one doubts that the dog will not leave the place until the workers are free.

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