Moya the White Lion is the most beautiful lion on the planet

The most beautiful lion Moya lives in the Glengariff Nature Reserve, which is located in South Africa. He is already six years old. The lion has lioness friends in the kennel. And they also have a white color. And they resemble fabulous beauties.
Perhaps soon they will have snow-white lion cubs. As a result of a genetic mutation, these lions were born with such an unusual white color. British photographer Simon Needham managed to take beautiful pictures handsome Moya, although it was not at all easy to do this.

Белый лев Мойя - самый красивый лев на планете

It was impossible to get out of the car, as the lion, on the actions of people, showed aggression. Leo was conflicted and wayward. There is a ban on getting out of the car for all visitors to the nursery. And the lions feel more free.

Белый лев Мойя - самый красивый лев на планете

Moya’s weight is more than 250 kg. A large and lush white mane, gives the lion a special beauty and splendor. Leo is a wonderful fashion model.

In South Africa, there are many legends about these unusual rare predators.
And only at the end of the 20th century there were cases of white lions meeting with people. In this reserve, the animals are in safe and comfortable conditions.

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