Mother cat hugged the only kitten, thanking people for saving

A pregnant cat couldn’t believe her luck when people paid attention to her and decided to help. At first, she was afraid of everything new, but then she realized that she and her future baby were completely safe here.

A couple of weeks ago, a pregnant cat was brought to the Brisbane veterinary clinic in Australia. They picked her up on the street and saw that she needed help. The mom-cat had small underweight, and they urgently began to look for a place of temporary care for her.

A volunteer from the Best Friends Felines rescue team named Nikki responded. The woman took the future mother to her to take care of her. At first, she was afraid of the new environment, but then she realized that she and her offspring were safe here.

The cat was named Desiree. To the surprise of the guardian, the birth of the mother began much earlier than expected. She gave birth to only one kitten, which was very similar to her mother, and turned out to be completely healthy and even large.

Later, the guardian took the cat to the vet to have an ultrasound to see if there were any more kittens left in her belly-but this baby turned out to be the only one. And Desiree took care of him as the most precious thing she has.

Desiree turned out to be a very sensitive, attentive, and caring mother. She did not let the baby out of her paws, fed him as if on schedule, licked him, and did not leave him alone for a minute.

When little Tato began to crawl, his mother did not take her eyes off him, and she had already begun to teach all the important cat things. When the baby grows up, they will find permanent owners for him and his mom.

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