Moose was floundering by the road, unable to get over the fence

Moose on the road are a frequent sight in Alaska. Recently, local drivers noticed a restless baby moose on the side of the road, unable to cross to the other side, where its mother was waiting for it. The panting cub was unable to get over the fence…

An Alaskan resident named Andrea Bock was standing in a small traffic jam on the road. Suddenly she saw a mother moose and a cub trying to cross the car-filled highway. The mother managed to cross the road, but the exhausted moose cub could not get over the fence.

The mother stood on the road and anxiously waited for the baby to get over the fence, but the poor kid couldn’t make it. The girl watched it for 20 minutes, but could not get out of the car at that moment. But then, she got incredibly excited when she saw a guy get out of the car next door.

He walked up to the moose cub, carried it over the fence, and let it go to its mother. “Before taking the baby, the guy waited until cars blocked the mother moose’s view, and then he moved it,” Andrea says.

The guy waited for the right moment because moose under stress can be very dangerous to people – especially if they are with cubs. If the mother felt threatened, it could have attacked the person. But in this case, everything turned out well – mother and cub were reunited.

Thanks to the good guy for doing such a thing!

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