Mom-dog found tied up in a cold forest saved the life of her newborn puppies

Lara, a pit bull breed, unfortunately, has lived with the wrong people for too long.

When she was pregnant, her former owner took her to a forest near Nafplion, Greece, and left her chained to a tree, where she was forced to give birth alone, without food, water and shelter.

Lara managed to survive. She kept her puppies alive for ten days in cold weather and rain before they were finally rescued. The saddest thing is that people living in the neighboring village knew about Lara, but did not help her and her puppies, did not give them food or water.

When her rescuers first saw her, they were overwhelmed with sadness. Lara was in horrible shape. She was malnourished so badly that all her ribs were sticking out. She was also dehydrated, scared, and in total shock. Unfortunately, one of her puppies didn’t survive, but the other three have recovered well.

Lara and her puppies were taken to the hospital and treated for their ailments. Thankfully, they all survived and are now doing so much better. Lara also tested negative for all diseases and has since put on so much weight.

They will stay with their new foster mom Linda until they find their home. Linda dedicates her life to rescuing stray dogs and takes great care of them.

Over the past five years, she has raised almost 300 dogs. Many of them came to her on the verge of death, and she successfully cared for them, restoring them to full health. There is no doubt that she will do the same for Lara and her puppies.

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