Meet this kangaroo Rufus: he loves to lie on the couch in an embrace with the owner

It would be very interesting to see the reaction of people to whom a kangaroo would ask to visit every day and lie impressively on their sofa. That would be surprising, to put it mildly. And kangaroos themselves usually shy away from people and are not particularly friendly.

But not our hero, who loves to sit in the company of his owner and savior. The eastern grey kangaroo Rufus lives in the southern part of Australia. And he doesn’t have a kangaroo favorite activity at all. He loves to lie on
the couch.

Residents of the neighborhood even jokingly gave him the nickname “sofa expert”, since most of his time is spent on it. The owners are not against it at all and even encourage it. They are the founders of the kangaroo shelter. They take there animals that have lost their mother at an early age and are unable to survive independently in their natural habitat.

Kangaroos rarely try to enter the house. But Rufus, weighing forty kilos, has become a nice exceptional case. At first, he just looked cautiously out of the windows. But one day he stood at the door until the door was opened to him and, as if, he was just waiting for this.
Rufus immediately came in and lay down on the couch. And now it has become a daily ritual that Rufus never breaks.

However, in Australia there is a law that prohibits keeping kangaroos at home and can punish for this. And for this
reason, the owner lets him in for a short time to lie on his favorite sofa, and then takes him out of the house.

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He even watches a bit of television on the couch and falls into a deep sleep on his safe spot. Although the human parents didn’t get Rufus off the couch, they covered it with mattress protectors in order to avoid any mishaps. His adoptive mom and dad go along with whatever makes him happy. Rufus does get cranky at times when he doesn’t want the two humans sitting next to him. He then pushes them off the couch very gently.

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