Mama Pittie thinks rescued Magpie is her puppy

Juliet and her partner recently rescued a wild Magpie bird called Molly. Unfortunately, the poor creature was covered with grass. So the couple was frail and tired, so they decided to take it to their house. However, their Pitbull pet of theirs, Peggy, did not want to approach the bird because it was afraid.

Juliet did not know how they react to each other, so she was looking at them. Peggy tried to approach the bird and began to smell its peak. The fact that parents were paying attention to animals was intriguing to the dog.

The first time they interacted, they lay near each other without touching each other. Then one day, Juliet found Peggy and Molly snuggling on the floor together. From then on, they had become close pals.

They were never apart, and they even ate together. Peggy had taken on the role of a mother. For some reason, the Pitbull was producing milk. Juliet told her partner that she thought Peggy was pregnant.

The owner took the dog to the vet to get her checked. The vet informed them that she wasn’t pregnant. Instead, Peggy was having a phantom pregnancy for the little bird. The doctor said it was typical for a dog to produce milk while nurturing other creatures.

Peggy was very protective of Molly. The Magpie also reciprocated the dog’s feelings. Molly would go and sit on the Pitbull’s back and go to sleep. Wherever the dog went, the bird followed. Finally, Peggy brought her up, and the bird copied everything the Pitbull did.

Juliet believed Molly thought that Peggy was her mom. The two of them loved to play with balls, and all the toys the Pitbull played with Molly played with just the same way. They loved sitting in the backyard and grooming each other. The owners believed that they had come into their life to spread love.

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