Inhumans buried kittens alive, but they were found and saved by a dog

A girl with her dog named Watson went for a walk. Suddenly her pet stopped by the trash can. And then he began to dig in the snow with quick movements.

The owner later shared that Watson was doing it so desperately and in such a hurry, as if distraught. And very soon he took out two very tiny kittens.

Later, the girl remembered that it was her dog’s strong nose that helped save the cubs. Otherwise, they would have remained in the snow. The girl simply could not imagine the degree of cruelty of these people.

The kittens are almost numb from the cold. They were scared and hungry. And they didn’t even have the strength to cry. And when they gradually came to their senses, Watson immediately began to lick them and provide assistance in every possible way.

As a result, the girl took the foundlings to her home. She fattened them and began to nurse them. The kittens were soon in perfect order. She first wanted to attach kittens. But since the girl managed to get attached to them, she realized that she could no longer part with these crumbs. And Watson was absolutely delighted with his little new friends.

So they live as a friendly family. And the dog became a real guardian and protector of kittens.

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