Incredible friends: a cute dog and an orphaned baby squirrel play together.

When it comes to caring for those in need, dogs have the sweetest souls. This is why the most unusual connections that the animal kingdom offers are with dogs.

So we can easily call them everyone’s best friend, not just man’s best friend. This time, a caring Labrador and an orphaned squirrel show everyone what animals are capable of.

Millie the Labrador and her mother, Abby Harrison, were enjoying a sunny day in the garden when they stumbled upon something completely unexpected.

An extremely tiny creature stood next to a fallen tree. As she got closer, Abby realized that the confused animal was a squirrel. But even frightened, the little creature was not at all embarrassed when meeting Millie.

They talked for a few moments, but Abby was still trying to find the baby’s family.

The woman looked around and waited for several hours, but the little squirrel’s mother was nowhere to be found. Since the little squirrel and her Labrador were already getting along very well, Abby decided to help the orphaned animal. At least until the baby’s ready to return to the wild. Abby and her family named him “Squirrel”. But Millie’s heart warmed when she realized she was going to have a younger brother and apparently a playmate.

The little “Squirrel” turned out to be more energetic than anyone thought, and all day was chasing Millie.

Abby even made him a comfortable bed out of boxes, but he didn’t seem interested. The little one eventually fell asleep on the yoga mat, and that’s when the sweetest moment happened. While her new friend slept, Millie lay down next to him and patiently looked after him like a mother looks after her child!

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