Icy rain, a leaky booth and a puppy on a chain

The woman saw this dog chained to a chain from the window of her car. It was raining outside, and because of the frost, the drops turned into ice even before they fell to the ground. The baby did not even try to hide in the booth and only when the woman got closer did she understand the reason for its behavior. A big dog lay down inside the booth, which simply did not let the puppy inside.

The puppy was chained to a chain, there were bowls nearby. There was an abandoned gatehouse nearby, and a railway a little further away, which had also not been used for a long time. It was unclear what the puppy could guard here. Judging by the contents of the bowls, the baby was not fed often. In one of them there were the remains of bones, the second was empty.

The woman began to visit and feed the puppy regularly. A pack of dogs living in the area took food from the baby, so the woman stayed next to the baby until it ate everything. Days passed, and no one showed up at the gatehouse. It became increasingly clear that the bones in the bowl were put by the same passerby who just felt sorry for the baby.

Now every day the woman came to the dog and made sure that it was well-fed. A pack of dogs was also waiting for this moment and tried to take food away from the baby, but its benefactress did not leave a step until the puppy ate its portion whole.

All this time, none of the people were nearby, there were no signs that someone was in the gatehouse, it became clear that no one was taking care of the dog, and the remains of bones that the woman saw on the day of acquaintance were helped from caring passers-by.

A woman asked us to find a place for a puppy. We have a shelter just in an apartment and cats and dogs live here, with all the desire, it was not possible to find a place.

We found the nearest place of temporary care for the baby in Yekaterinburg. The dog was immediately sent to the veterinarians, after the test results come, it will have to be castrated, and then they will start looking for a house for the dog.

The dog turned out to be incredibly affectionate. It’s hard to imagine that such a kind animal was forced to live on a chain. The baby was named Thomas, it really needs a home and a family that will show it love and care, and it will certainly repay for it in full.

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