How the wild elephant greeted the man who saved him 12 years ago

In Thailand, a sick elephant was found far from the herd. He was suffering from a blood disease and was on the verge of death. The disease was accompanied by fever, lack of appetite, swelling and weight loss.

Как приветствовал дикий слон человека, спасшего его 12 лет назад

Usually sick elephants hide to avoid predators, so they are difficult to find. The elephant was sent to the national park for treatment. He was treated by a veterinarian of the reserve. A few months later, the elephant recovered and was released into the wild.

After 12 years, the veterinarian examined the territory where his former patient was released. Suddenly he saw a wild elephant.

“We got to know each other. After 12 years, we met again. We greeted each other. He stretched out his trunk to me and made a sound like I’ve never heard before,” the man recalls.

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