How the exhausted sick husky changed thanks to care. It was able to smile again

The dog did not always live on the street, she had a house. When she was on the street, she was no more than a year old. Husky was seen by humans because she was very exhausted and suffered from advanced scabies.

An animal rescue organization in Thailand in the winter of 2018 discovered a pedigree dog with different eyes roaming the streets of Phuket. They were also told that the dog was severely malnourished and ill.

In Thailand, this breed of dog is very popular. Thais love husky, but not everyone understands how active this breed is. Husky are very active dogs, owners need to walk with them a lot, they need to be well cared for and people need to spend a lot of time with them, but not everyone is interested in such details when they take a puppy. As long as a husky is a puppy, it’s like a living toy, but a grown dog is a much bigger responsibility.

The dog was named Nessie, and she has diagnosed with a large number of different diseases during a veterinary examination: inflammation of the eyes, anemia, broken paws, and demodicosis, when the skin is irritated due to ticks, and sarcoidosis, when the hair falls out and severe itching is also due to ticks.

“Husky still, when she was at home, the owner did not pay proper attention and fed her poorly,” one of the employees of the organization shared.

Despite all the diseases, this husky remained a real husky. When people came up to her to catch her, she did not run away and did not growl, but wagged her tail affably.

“The volunteers did not believe that Nessie could be so friendly and affectionate with so many illnesses and the sediment of betrayal. It was impossible to look at the dog calmly, because at first they simply did not notice her, and then they threw her out.”

In the shelter, the dog began to be treated. Two weeks later, the first improvements appeared, and after a couple of months, Nessie began to grow a new fur. The dog started smiling a few days after she was brought to the shelter. Before that, she looked sad, although she was friendly.

“Nassie knows we want to help her and not hurt her”.

And in the spring of the same year, Husky’s life changed very much. She was moved from Thailand to the U.S. They gave her a new name, Mitzi, and now they’re looking for a new owner.

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