Homeless dog kept five tiny kittens warm in snow and frost.

A woman living in Ontario, Canada, returning home from work in the evening, accidentally found a stray dog ​​​​on the street, who tried to warm five tiny kittens with her body and thereby save their lives.

The woman was driving and quite by chance noticed the dog curled up in the snow on the side of the road. She stopped and went over to help the unfortunate animal the way she could in the bitter Canadian frost.

When she approached, she saw five kittens under her belly, still quite little. She tried to warm them up. Employees of the animal protection organization were sure that without the dog, the kittens simply could not have survive.

The dog was given the nickname Serenity and she was sent to a shelter along with kittens. The volunteers began to look for people who would be ready to shelter the compassionate dog and the kittens. More than three dozen people expressed their willingness to adopt the dog.

The shelter staff will select the most suitable candidate for her as soon as Serenity gets neutered and receives the necessary vaccinations. The five kittens, thanks to their savior, are completely healthy.

But they have to hold out a little longer in the shelter in order to grow up and get stronger. We hope that they will also be attached to loving and caring owners and they will never have to go through the hardships of life on the street.

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