Hikers find exhausted dog lost in mountains 2 weeks ago

There are many beautiful places in the world where tourists go. Sometimes they meet unexpected friends on their travels, even saving their lives.

This was the case of a couple who went hiking in the mountains in Ireland. The people saw the emaciated, exhausted dog shivering.

The hikers did not abandon the retriever, but wrapped it in their jackets and carried the unfortunate animal about 10 kilometres to the town. They warmed the dog, fed it and then took it to a local shelter for help and to find its owners.

It turned out that the golden retriever was lost two weeks ago. It chased a deer and couldn’t find its way back.

The dog was so exhausted that it could not move or even bark. The dog did not return home and the owners, who had been looking for the animal for a long time, were already desperate. Luckily, the hikers found the 8-year-old retriever, named Nisha, and the girl was later returned to its owners.

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