Here it is, the biggest cat in the world.

The largest domestic cat by size is Samson from the USA. Its size makes it hard to call it a regular cat; it looks more like a wild lynx or a medium-sized dog. It belongs to the Maine Coon breed. The cat was recently weighed and the scales showed 13 kilograms. So it is the biggest cat, at least in the United States.

Samson’s height is 1.30 meters.

However, this cat should not be judged solely on its physical characteristics. Samson is a very active cat and is rarely seen without movement. It should also be noted that this cat is very intelligent and wise.

Samson’s owner says that his cat’s weight is due to well-developed muscles, not fat. He is convinced that his cat is not big at all, just a little chubby.

Samson’s favourite pastime is when it wakes up its owner in the morning.

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