For the past nine years, a dedicated redhead kitten has been working in a store without leaving the premises.

A worker brought the 9-year-old Bobbo into the store as a kitten because he was homeless. His new store companions looked after him all around, and a caregiver who came in and had four felines of her own would take Bobbo to the vet and bring him food.

According to a media source, Bobbo has a caregiver, Anne, who began working at the company in 2014. ‘

At the store, he enjoys the opportunity to sit near the entrance of the store, simply greeting customers.

He has his own scratcher near the front of the store, where he prefers to spend his time.

He, too, is a curious feline that prefers to peer out the window!’ Anne remarked. ‘He’s the store’s lord and master!’ Anne remarked.

He has more store experience than most employees and has never left the store for even a day.

Bobbo’s principal responsibilities are waiting for cardboard to be dropped on the floor.

His customers adore him. When they come in and show them around, he gets pleasure out of being able to meow at them. He keeps an eye on the store with his piercing gaze.

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