For several months the dog has been lying on the grave of its owner

Probably everyone has heard that dogs are considered the most faithful creatures in the world. This story is about the loyalty that a dog is capable of. The owner of the dog died a few months ago, but his dog has not yet been able to realize that the person who loves him is no longer alive. The dog does not let go of his master and is constantly at his grave.

Cemetery staff saw the dog every day, while the dog always lay on the same grave, looking sadly in front of him. Employees took photos and videos that proved that a dog can be very loyal.

This dog can’t leave anyone indifferent, because sadness and pain are frozen in his eyes.

Cemetery staff tried several times to take the dog away from the grave, but every day the dog returns to the same place. One day the dog made a mistake and thought that one of the employees was his owner. The sincere joy in the animal’s eyes was replaced by bitter disappointment when the dog realized his mistake.

Photos and videos of this dog cause sincere sympathy and admiration for the loyalty that the animal is capable of. I want to believe that the dog will be able to accept his loss and will find a new loving family in the future.

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