For 11 years the dog has been sitting by the roadside, waiting for its owner to return

On the side of the road, a dog called Misha has been living in a kennel for 11 years. The fact is that the dog is waiting for the return of its owner, who was hit to death by a car.

However, Misha doesn’t want to go anywhere and continues to live by the road. The dog stares sadly at the road, barks and whines. The locals feel very sorry for the dog. Some of the villagers have tried to take the dog home, but they have failed. It ran back to the road each time, hoping that its owner would return.

Every day cars pass by and some people stop to feed Mischka, pet it and say a few kind words to it. The dog understands everything, but continues to stay away from people and does not let anyone near itself. The dog is still loyal to its owner, who passed away 11 years ago. And the dog’s behaviour suggests that it has never parted with him.

Everyone knows that dogs are some of the most loyal and faithful animals, ready to give their lives for their owners. They can hardly bear to be separated from their human and may wait for them all their lives. Humans must understand how responsible they are for those they have tamed. If one cares for and loves a dog, it will become one’s best friend and helper.

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