Flight attendants risked violating protocol during the flight to save the dog’s life

This incident, which restores faith in human kindness, occurred on a flight from Florida to Massachusetts. Charming French bulldog Darcy also flew with his owner. According to the woman, the dog has always had a very calm character, and the flight by plane was not the first time for him.

But this time something strange happened. The doggie was restless and did not follow the commands of its owner. Darcy’s owner, Michelle gave commands to sit down and be quiet, but the puppy did not obey in any way. And she realized that something was clearly wrong.

And she wasn’t wrong. Darcy’s tongue was blue, which indicated oxygen starvation. And the bulldog was about to lose consciousness. That is why, as the woman assured, she had to get the pet out from under the seat and put it on her knees so that she could relax a little and it would become easier for her. But such actions also did not help.

Darcy was already breathing with great difficulty and she urgently needed help. According to the airline’s rules, the animals were not supposed to stay under the seat and the flight attendants decided to intervene.

They brought bags filled with ice, which relieved Darcy’s condition, but did not solve the problem. And one of them then brought an oxygen mask. Very soon the bulldog was fine and the need for a mask disappeared. And then Michelle wrote a letter to the company thanking them for their humane attitude and saving Darcy.

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