Everyone turned away from the kitty, tried not to look, and I couldn’t get past it

I saw a thin and tortured cat on a tree in the private sector of Smolensk. The animal was very scared, but when I started shooting her with a camera and called her, she allowed herself to be picked up. The cat was incredibly thin, the ribs were visible through the fur, and she had no wool as such, only light fluff.

I couldn’t leave a frightened and hungry animal on the street. There was an old barn nearby, where more than a dozen cats lived. These animals were occasionally fed by residents, but no one wanted to treat and sterilize them. Sometimes the locals let their dogs loose on stray cats, so the animals were scared. And some even lost their lives. Most likely, this cat was one of the inhabitants of that very shed.

The cat spent her first day in a carrier. Experiencing fear of having to leave a safe space, the animal ate almost nothing. A visit to the veterinary clinic allowed us to identify problems with the gallbladder and intestinal inflammation. Fortunately, it turned out that the cat is not waiting for babies. Although the animal is young, almost all of her teeth have rotted and need to be removed.

While the baby is undergoing treatment and her first result was an improvement in appetite, fur slowly began to appear. The baby turned out to be very affectionate and thanks her rescuers for their care with all her might, constantly caressing.

When the first course of treatment is over, the kitty will need to take tests again and do a repeat ultrasound to find out if there are any more health problems? Has the intestinal situation improved? If the treatment gives a result, the baby will need to undergo sterilization surgery and deal with dental problems.

And after the kitty is completely healthy, we will start looking for a new home and a loving family for her.

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