Everyone passed by the dog, which was completely covered with tangles

The dog, completely covered with tangles, wandered down the street and looked for scraps. People passed by it while the poor animal was struggling to move along the sidewalk. But fortunately, not indifferent passers-by met on its way…


Passers-by saw this doggie on the streets of the USA, and even at first, they could not understand what kind of animal was in front of them. The dog was completely covered with tangles and even had difficulty moving. People immediately reported about it to the animal rescue center.

Rescuers were shocked by the doggie’s neglected condition. They determined that no one had cared for its fur for about a year. But despite all the difficulties, the dog, who received the nickname Matt, was happy and grateful for the rescue. It was as if it knew that it was being helped.

Veterinarians immediately began to clean up Matt’s tangles – they carried out a long procedure, removing almost all of its fur, leaving only healthy wool. After that, a completely different dog appeared before them. It was obvious that Matt itself began to feel much better.

At first, it didn’t feel very confident, but soon it became much more active and happier. It was helped by another dog of its guardians, with whom they spent a lot of time. Matt was getting stronger every day, and its fur was growing back.

After a few weeks, Matt finally relaxed and got used to people and everything new. It loved swimming in the pool, riding in the car, and going for long walks with a dog friend.

The guardians got so used to this boy that they decided to keep it. Matt lives in care and love, and next to it are those who will never leave it. Thank you for saving this doggie!

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