Every day a deer visits this cat and the owner is already used to their friendship

The man was a nature lover and therefore went to live outside the city. He often sees nearby wild animals, which sometimes come close to the house, pleasing the eye of the owner. And recently he noticed that a deer began to look in nearby.

Most often, domestic cats are wary of wild brethren, but, as it turned out, this cat became an exception to their rules. It turned out that the male cat and the wild deer became so friends, they did not spend a single day without each other.

The owner is not aware of how they met, but the fact remains that the deer appears at the house every day and as planned, which immediately cuts off the likelihood that the deer could get lost. Most often, the animal appears early in the morning, and the cat feels it in an amazing way and immediately runs out into the street.

For several minutes they begin to bite, sniff and play, the deer licks the cat and lies down on the grass. And then the cat becomes overly active, he starts rubbing against the cat, jumps on it and even tramples with its paws.

It seems that he is giving a massage to his friend, and the deer does not bother his attention at all. He continues to lie down and, apparently, gets great pleasure from what is happening.

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