Elephant steals a woman’s hat and hides it in its mouth

Another viral wildlife video warms hearts on all social media. This time it’s a huge elephant that made everyone laugh after he decided to make fun of the woman who approached it for the picture. The elephant stole the lady’s hat and hid it in its mouth in one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a while!

The short video shows a woman standing next to an elephant smiling at a camera while her friend takes a picture of the moment. Only a clever elephant wanted more, it ripped a woman’s hat off her head and hid it in its mouth. Everyone laughed at the elephant’s gesture, but then he returned the hat at the woman’s request.
“My sister just gave me that the hat,” the woman can be heard. Then she’s politely asking the elephant to return the hat. “Please Mac, can I have my hat back? Please…Please!” she says.
This moment took place in a safari park in Zimbabwe, and he was filmed by other tourists! The elephant, Mac, is very familiar with the visitors of the park and is also very friendly, as can be seen in the charming video.

Watch the heartwarming video here!

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