Dog grief: the abandoned dog clung to the car with his paws, begging the owner to return

It was very cold in England about a week ago. A random driver noticed an animal on the side of the road. The man stopped the car and came closer to examine it.

There was a dog bed on the road, and a cute Staffordshire Terrier was sitting on it! The doggie was all alone…

There was no one nearby. Therefore, the driver could not leave the pet on the street. He brought the dog to a local veterinarian, hoping that he would help the animal reunite with his family. Then people decided to look at the surveillance cameras near the place where they found the dog. They couldn’t believe their eyes!

The video shows a man getting out of the car, carrying a dog bed in his hands and leading the dog across the road. Throwing the bed on the sidewalk, he unfastened the pet’s leash and ran back to the car.

An upset animal is trying to catch up with a person. The dog runs across the road and in desperation scratches the window of the departing car with his paws, begging the owner to return…

After the car disappeared from sight, the dog drooped and lowered his muzzle down.

Now the animal is in the nursery. He was given the nickname Snoop. And its former owner is wanted.

It is unclear how a person could so indifferently get rid of a dog…

Anyone who has seen Snoop at least once remains puzzled, not understanding why such a sweet and affectionate baby can be betrayed. The pet is about two years old, and he loves the company of a person.

Thousands of people have learned about Snoop’s sad story. Among them there were those who wanted to shelter the animal. In the future, they will find the best house for him. But while there is an investigation and search for the person who abandoned him, the dog will remain in the kennel.

We hope that the person who left the dog will still be found, and he will be able to explain the reason for his act. The main thing is that Snoopy will not return to his old life.

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