Dog abandoned in car park with nine puppies

The dog and its nine cubs were thrown into a rubbish bin in the car park. They were spotted by people who cared. They then posted an advertisement on social media about their find. They asked for help to help the foundlings survive.

The girl saw the photo and her heart sank. She wanted to help the poor creatures. The rescuer had a very kind heart. She did not understand how such babies could just be abandoned to their fate. Together with others, she went out to rescue the little ones.

A family arrived. They took a female dog, a boxer, and its little ones. The puppies were only two weeks old.

The puppies’ mother’s name was Bora. The dog needed urgent medical attention. There were wounds on the dog’s body. They were opened up and drained.

One of the puppies suffered from a throat tumor. It left the world. The other little ones are healthy and growing by leaps and bounds.

Bora is feeling much better. The dog loves its cubs very much and enjoys every moment they spend together. Both mum and cubs have been well cared for and provided with excellent conditions.

As soon as the time comes, Bora’s puppies will go to live with their new families.

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