Crooked-faced dog with a heart of gold finds a family that loves him

Recovering from an injury is not always easy, just like injuries or scars from the past. A bad fall will keep you home for a week or prevent you from walking again.

This dog is walking very well, but an altercation with another dog left a mark on his face.

Woody, who is the name of this dog, suffered the injury when he was still a puppy.

As the puppies’ skull bones had not yet fused, he developed a permanent deformity, his skull healed, but it left him with a crooked face.

Her crooked face is quite adorable.

Even more adorable is Woody himself, who has proven to be incredibly sweet and caring according to his keepers. He had the playful character of a puppy, even though he was almost a year old. Even his permanently deformed face couldn’t tarnish his happiness.

It’s hard to tell if his crooked face was part of the reason he was ditched, but it’s sad anyway.

Some people had given him leftover food because he was neither skinny nor hungry when they found him. And who found it? It was about the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Animals with Special Needs ( SNARR ).

It took a while before one of the locals thought about calling a rescue organization for Woody, but it was well worth it.

SNARR employee Courtney Bellew shared details about Woody and his rescue. Mainly on how moving her story was and why she stood out. This puppy was full of love from day one and Courtney felt it right away.

Courtney told The Dodo :

You look at it and you can’t help but love that face.

It seems his old family never trained Woody, just as he was never brought in as a vet. Courtney shared that Woody was quite rebellious, even though he had good intentions.

The one-of-a-kind Pitbull was too playful and turned out to be a bit tricky for them.

However, he eventually learned some etiquette

She said:

With only five days in foster care, he has calmed down a lot and is doing very well because he receives everything he needs. He’s a lovely boy and he’s very happy to be able to run around and be in a house and everything.

And when he finally found a forever home, his sweet personality was just as infectious. He was still worried about his new mom. Her new mom, Jamie Bond, caught a high fever during her first few days with her.

Woody was very worried and did not leave her

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