Cleopatra became a foster mother for Siberian tiger cubs at the Zoo.

A Shar-Pei dog named Cleopatra became a foster mother and volunteered to feed the cubs, which were refused by their mother, tigress Bagheera.

Cleopatra immediately accepted the cubs, began to sniff, lick them and feed them. To ensure that there is enough milk, employees daily bring goat milk for newborn tiger cubs.

The cubs, who were named Klyopa and Plyusha, never saw their mother. This is the second time Bagheera has abandoned her cubs, as a result of which the babies died of hunger, deprived of their mother’s care.

To prevent the same this time, zoo workers contacted the kennel club and found a dog that had recently given birth. Now the cubs eat and sleep all day long. They will spend for about a month with their foster mother. During this period, they will grow up, get stronger, adapt to people and they will be returned to the zoo.

Note that among wild cats, it is not uncommon for mothers to abandon their cubs and even harm them. So, recently, a female of a rare species of leopard took the life of two of her cubs immediately after their birth. Apparently, the cause of these actions is postpartum shock, and most often after this, the cubs cannot be saved.

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