Bumblebee became attached to the schoolgirl who saved it – now they are best friends

It’s amazing how sometimes children and animals get along so well. Today we share the story of 13-year-old schoolgirl Lacey Schillinglow from Coventry, who made friends with an insect.

While walking the dog, Lacey saw a bumblebee on the road that couldn’t fly. One wing obviously needed rest, so the girl picked up the insect and put it in the grass.

The girl wanted to continue walking, but the bumblebee did not want to leave her. As a result, the schoolgirl took the bumblebee with her. She named her new friend Betty. Even when the crumpled wing finally healed, Betty didn’t want to leave the girl.

The new pet follows the girl everywhere: to the store, for a walk, even to the bowling alley. Doors and windows are always open in the house, but the bumblebee doesn’t fly away. Wherever Lacey goes, Betty will sit on her glasses, face, or crawl through her hair, but will always accompany her friend.

Of course, such a friendship surprises passersby and even family members. However, Betty won’t let anyone near her but Lacey. They formed an unbreakable bond. The girl feeds the bumblebee with flower nectar, jam, and sugar water. Sometimes Betty flies around the house but always comes back to Lacey.

“Once we went bowling and a bumblebee went with Lacey. He sat on her for about 2 hours, it seems that the insect really loves our daughter. It sounds crazy, but it’s true,” says the girl’s mother.

“Bumblebees can sting, but Lacey is not afraid, and Betty is always neat, and usually crawls on the back of her head or face,” Mom notes.

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