Baby elephant was rescued from Thai camp and given a new life

Little Chaba was born in an elephant camp in Thailand, where elephants are used for entertainment for the amusement of the public. Her mother has been doing tricks for years, riding her bike to exhaustion, and Chaba would have met a similar fate if it weren’t for the kind people along the way…

A little elephant named Chaba was born in an elephant camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Her mother performed every day for the amusement of the public, showing tricks, riding a bicycle, and drawing pictures. All these entertainments were exhausting for the animal. Chaba was waiting for the same fate, but at the right moment, her life changed…

When the rescue team of the Save Elephant Foundation found out the story. So that they could not remain indifferent. Arriving there, they saw the mother and baby in a small concrete paddock-the mother was chained to the bars of the cage.

The team decided without hesitation to help Chaba and her mother. Soon they moved the couple to their reserve – where the mother and baby began to live in a spacious aviary, where they were provided with everything they needed.

Most of all, the employees were pleased with the reaction of little Chaba to the first bath in her life. She was so happy with the water that she couldn’t contain her emotions! Now Chaba and her mother are completely safe, they are sensitively taken care of and loved with all their hearts. Thank good people for saving them!

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